Hiring Play 3/10: 5 free sourcing platforms for recruiters [Bonus inside]
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Hiring Play 3/10: 5 free sourcing platforms for recruiters [Bonus inside]

Looking for candidates for niche roles can be tough, especially when those candidates might not be active on LinkedIn. That’s why recruiters need diverse sources of candidates.

Here are five free candidate-sourcing tools and platforms to facilitate your search.

1️. Recruit’em [passive candidate sourcing]

Find talent on six social media without even logging in

Choose candidate sourcing channels from which you want to find profiles:

  • LinkedIn,
  • X (Twitter),
  • Dribbble (online designer's platform),
  • GitHub (programmers’ platform),
  • Xing (leading online jobs network in German-speaking countries),
  • Stack Overflow (programmers’ platform).

Specify candidate search by keywords.

By clicking ‘Open in Google’ the automatically generated candidates list will appear in Google.

2️. Wellfound [active candidate sourcing]

Access 3 M startup-ready candidates

  • [On a free account] Post unlimited job listings and review applicants.
  • For sourcing, there might be limitations, but you can upgrade your account to unlock more features.

3. GitHub [passive candidate sourcing]

Access 100 M developers

  • GitHub lets developers code together and communicate in its forum.
  • To identify potential candidates, use relevant keywords in the search bar, based on skills, location, and technologies.

4️. Kaggle [passive candidate sourcing]

Access 5 M data scientists and ML enthusiasts

  • Kaggle is an online community for data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts.
  • Browse Kaggle competitions and datasets related to your industry or desired skill sets.
  • Use Google Search to find Kaggle users based on specific criteria like location and skills mentioned in their profiles. Just enter in Google: site:kaggle.com “joined ago” London python

5️. Stack Overflow[passive candidate sourcing]

Access 14 M developers

  • It’s a question-and-answer website for developers.
  • Use the search function to filter candidates by location, skills, tags, experience.


Wisely use hashtags on social media when sourcing candidates

📍Use different categories of hashtags:

- Content-specific hashtags like #CV

- Country-specific hashtags like  #France

- Industry-specific hashtags like #development

- Company-specific hashtags like #Juggl

📍Check different spellings of hashtags, e.g., #GraphicDesign, #GraphicDesigner, #GraphicDesigners.

📍Find how popular the chosen LinkedIn hashtag is using the LinkedIn search box.

📍Use the Google Chrome extension Hashtag Analytics and sort the most convenient and popular hashtags from a drop-down list.


Find even more latest sourcing tools in the market (270, actually) tools here. The list includes automated candidate sourcing like scrapers. browser extensions, AI candidate sourcing tools, and more.

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