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Who is the employer for my remote employees?

To ensure international payroll and tax compliance, candidates sign a contract with us. But they 100% report to you and work within your corporate structure, which means they’ll use the communication and task management tools of your choice.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with a hired person?

If necessary, you can have quick replacements during a trial period (2 months).

What methods of payment are available?

We currently accept ACH and bank wires.

How often will I be charged? How are payments and invoices handled?

Juggl sends invoices once a month.

How can you ensure candidates meet our requirements?

We assess a candidate's fitness for a position using domain-specific tests and profound interviews in English. So we pay close attention to:

  • relevant experience and technical proficiency;
  • soft skills, and notably traits desired for a cultural fit;
  • English fluency.

Before the interview, we do a candidate’s background check and evaluate portfolio reviews.

During the interview loop, candidates are assessed by our recruiters and tech leads (if needed). To filter applicants they use:

  • problem-solving sessions;
  • team management and team conflict questions:
  • technical coding challenges

By the end of the selection, Juggl experts ensure the candidates are convenient for your team which means they are adaptable and high-performing.

How long does it take to find a new candidate?

With Juggl, you are provided with candidates in 1-2 weeks after submitting the request.  Juggl recruiters and teach leads rigorously screen and assess applicants before we introduce them to a client.

Are there any initial deposit?

No. We only charge you for the developers that actively work for you and are already staffed.

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