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5 essentials of a thriving workplace

Painless  and error-free payroll
Ensure timely and accurate payments in full compliance with international labor laws.
Growth-minded culture
Proactively unleash each employee's potential to stay ahead in the industry.
Employee-centric culture
Meet the expectations of your growing global workforce, taking the stress out of HR and payroll
Smart hiring. Fast hiring
Quickly pick the best candidates without confirmation bias and endless back-and-forth.
Remote team cohesion
Ensure your remote employees are always aligned with your strategic objectives.


No easy way to expand your business quickly?

Rapid business growth can break HR efficiency. That's in Juggl why we empower you to shape your own hiring and onboarding stages.

That's why in Juggl we empower you to shape your own hiring and onboarding stages.

— Alexandra Hilmanovich

HR director at Juggl

Let’s  structure messy  global hiring

Sourcing sought-after candidates under tight deadlines can be less stressful. And more transparent.
Ramp up recruitment without getting lost in growing manual record-keeping with Juggl’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • Visualize the entire hiring cycle on Kanban boards
  • Customize workflows to better track candidates
  • Automate candidate screening and tracking
Manage your recruiting efforts strategically and collaboratively from the very start.
  • Keep the hiring team and stakeholders on track with tasks and notifications
  • Share feedback and leave comments directly in candidate profiles
  • Set up events in Juggl without endless email chains
Create a WOW candidate experience during the hiring process.
  • Create stellar job descriptions and career pages
  • Set up notifications for candidates and recruiters
  • Ensure continuous communication with candidates
Ensure that the final steps in your recruitment process are as smooth as possible.
  • Send offer letters and feedback promptly
  • Save and share candidate data with all stakeholders (managers, finance, HR)
  • Request and upload necessary documents


So, how can you align HR and financial performance?

When scaling a business, nothing is more vital than maintaining a clear organizational structure and a secure financial pipeline. However, managers often face numerous challenges in doing so.

That's why our tool is designed to ensure paperless payroll, enhance transparency, and reduce errors.

— Anton Radion, Juggl’s CFO

Compliant payments for your global team

No matter whether you need contractors or full-time employees. You can access them in any part of the world without setting up multiple entities.
Save hours and days every payroll cycle with automated calculations that are compliant by default.
  • Sync work hours and PTO with the payroll system
  • Get reminders to pay out and prolongate contracts
  • See everything from deductions to bonuses in a single view
Provide a better experience for international contractors with streamlined replies, accurate payments, and extra perks.
  • Set up recurring payments compliant by default
  • Empower contractors to self-serve their onboarding with ease
  • Take care of your distributed team by offering customized benefits
Handle international taxes, benefits, and compliance without the complications of running multiple entities and systems.
  • Meet rigorous labor law compliance in different geographies
  • Hire right away with streamlined payroll and localized contracts
  • Get expert advice on specific labor laws in each country
Delight your employees by offering competitive perks in compliance with local regulations.
  • Free your time with employee self-service enrollment experience
  • Sync benefits with global payroll
  • Never miss PTO requests with notifications


Well, you’ve picked highly skilled specialists.  
But do they operate as a cohesive team?

In remote work, there is no room for guesswork and gut feelings. You need to rely on a structured view of your entire talent pool and a systematic way to analyze their performance.

— Egor Bulyhin, Juggl’s CTO and co-founder

Align HR efforts with business strategy

through continuous insights about performance and development.
Improve the microculture in your distributed teams by giving consistent feedback. This time, no mundane performance appraisals.
  • Create your unique performance management process
  • Invest in talent growth offering individual career development plans
  • Schedule review cycles and assessments with ease
Boost employee retention by offering crystal-clear career advancement opportunities.
  • Monitor individual progress and address setbacks in alignment with OKR
  • Tailor appealing training to employees and managers needs
  • Equip managers with user-friendly, actionable tools to drive success without lag
Streamline performance assessment and person-job fit using pre-set competency models for each role.
  • See where the high, medium, and low performers are across the company
  • Adjust your employees’ skills to the requirements of new initiatives
  • Quickly identify and fill up skill gaps across your growing global team
Lead your global business to the next milestone ensuring a happier, healthier environment where everybody can thrive.
  • Instead of a tick-box exercise, engage employees in open, data-driven conversations
  • Identify and address issues before they impact performance
  • Foster a growth-minded culture through regular results-tracking


The final step. How to tie everything together?

To make your global business truly work, you can try to think of it less like managing five small separate businesses.

The point is to align remote employees with business targets in one dashboard. Meanwhile, you’re able to encourage participation and discern real impact, not just metrics. That's what Juggl helps to do.

— Alex Kulitski, CEO at Juggl

Ensure your anywhere workforce 
is well-connected

The glue that ties everything together.

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