A Startup’s Fast Global Expansion with Juggl HR Services
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A Startup’s Fast Global Expansion with Juggl HR Services

About Medvidi

Medvidi is an online mental health clinic, whose mission is to transform the way people engage with mental health care services in the US. The company offers affordable remote treatment for individuals, prescription management, and telehealth services. They've held 36,000 psychiatric appointments in just half of 2023 across 14 states, with a goal to help people access affordable remote treatment nationwide.


The Challenge 

Scaling for Impact

As a startup, Medvidi began with a small team. However, as the demand for their services grew they faced scaling challenges. According to the statistics, 1 in 5 U.S. adults struggles with mental illness. And to meet such high demand, MEDvidi was required to upscale its development, marketing, sales, and support teams.

To deliver maximum value, they needed top talent as soon as possible. For this reason, Medvidi decided to hire from the vast international talent pool. However, they needed to meet their HR needs in a short period of time and gain the expertise necessary to ensure international talent fit, swift onboarding, and employee retention.

The Solution

Juggl's HR Expertise

To build a scalable organizational structure, Medvidi delegated its HR functions to Juggl (formerly Smart IT). The startup opted for Juggl amidst the competitors for several reasons: ten years of recruiting expertise, quick time-to-hire, and favorable customer feedback. Medvidi wanted to cover the overall talent management starting from recruitment. 

1. Streamlined hiring and onboarding process


Over four years, Medvidi expanded its workforce across four countries with Juggl's support, handling everything from job postings to onboarding, contracts, and payroll. 

2. End-to-end HR Support

In the midst of rapid startup growth, retaining your workforce becomes critical. This involves a range of HR initiatives, including documenting HR policies and conducting regular performance check-ins.

Juggl introduced 1:1 meetings for Medvidi employees to create an engaging work culture, offering updates on organizational structures, benefits, and well-being programs.

3. Coworking Space for a Hybrid Work 

To ensure employee engagement, Medvidi adopted a hybrid workplace model that combined the best elements of traditional office work and remote work. Although the startup members are distributed across continents, they provide coworking spaces in two cities, with Juggl assisting in managing these spaces' rent.

4. Smooth Relocations 

For work-related reasons, Medvidi required its workforce to move from one location to another. The startup turned to Juggl to alleviate the huge logistical burdens and eliminate gray areas in immigration procedures. 

The first step was applying for group visas and work permits. To streamline the process, Juggl arranged a visa issuance with a visa authority of one of the Schengen States. However, employee assistance didn’t stop with legal procedures. 

When employees move to a new location, they need to learn how to open a bank account, obtain a phone number, or get local insurance.

To simplify this transition, employees got relocation consultations with the Juggl team before and after immigration.


Rapid Growth and Strategic Focus

Hiring and supporting 100+ employees across four countries, Medvidi achieved a remarkable 75% revenue growth and attracted investors.

Juggl's services allowed Medvidi to remain agile and focus on its strategic planning, and innovation while providing mental health care to those in need.” Timothy Partasevitch, the CGO of Juggl.

"Simple HR tasks seem manageable at first, like using Excel for basic operations. But over time, you realize that this Excel spreadsheet consumes half of your workday, time better spent on improving managerial skills and exploring new technologies." 

Alex Hilmanovich, HR director, Juggl


Clinics/Outpatient Services

Company Size:

300+ employees

Hiring Region

EU, USA, Eastern Europe

Partnership: 4+ years

People Hired: 200+

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