World leader in CRM software expands the team in a new region
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World leader in CRM software expands the team in a new region

Challenge: Our client required us to establish dedicated team centers while reducing the time spent on employee management. 

Solution: A comprehensive HR support and a full suite of dedicated services, covering everything from recruitment to payroll and terminations. This allowed the client to refocus their efforts on core business priorities and critical consumer issues.

About the Company 

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The Company is a NASDAQ-listed industry leader in CRM software. Every day they serve SMEs as large organizations worldwide, making their daily operations easier.


In 2019, the Company sought to expand into new regions with a high Human Development Index. One of such areas was the largest development hub in Eastern Europe.


However, the Company faced several challenges:

  • Full-time employment

The Company aimed to hire full-time staff rather than freelancers to ensure motivation in product development and intellectual property protection. 

  • End-to-end HR service

They needed a partner to handle all HR functions, including tracking attendance, ensuring compliance with local legal requirements, and benefits management.

  • US-based HR partner

Additionally, the Client required a US-based payroll partner to streamline payments in a familiar jurisdiction.


To address hiring and payroll needs, the Company chose Juggl [under the brand Smart IT] as an outstaffing partner. The key reason for this choice was the flexibility of a service provider. 

As a large organization, the Client has unique corporate requirements that are easier to deliver by a relatively smaller supplier than by an outstaffing enterprise. Thus, Juggl tackled the following aspects of employee management: 

  • Ensuring speed and visibility in hiring 

Juggl facilitated the end-to-end recruitment process in three Eastern European countries. They successfully filled roles of senior and middle developers in approximately 30 days, outperforming the average market time to hire, which is 5-7 weeks.

  • Providing employee well-being program

To address employee needs and foster a sense of integration and value, Juggl provides a range of perks:

  • Health insurance 
  • Mental health support
  • Corporate events
  • Equipment delivery from the employer’s headquarters
  • Coverage of work-related education expenses
  • One-on-one sessions with an HR manager one time per quarter 
  • English language training

  • Providing relocation package

Partnering with the Polish investment agency through the Poland Business Harbor program, Juggl facilitates the issuance of long-term work visas to employees. Additionally, employees in team lead positions receive support for the legalization process in Poland. 

  • Controlling localized payroll 

The Client’s managers monitor and adjust payroll based on monthly records provided by Juggl.

  • Enabling secure remote infrastructure

Juggl team ensured the security of internal communication providing corporate emails, secure workflow systems, and ensuring data storage in AWS servers. 

  • Supplying equipment 

To maintain the high pace of innovation and avoid data breach risks, the Client requested particular hardware. The Juggl team assisted in delivering laptops to employees, ensuring secure shipment. Consequently, when a team member terminates, Juggl arranges the return of delivered equipment to the Client. 



  • Access to Top Talent 

The partnership enabled the Client to access top developers in Eastern Europe, facilitating rapid growth while maintaining strong IP security.

  • Legal Compliance

The Company expanded its team in 3 new countries while ensuring compliance with all labor laws. 

"Our successful long-term partnership is built on shared values. It's the simple things like responsibility, independence, and initiative. What we say, we do. Our client has seen, verified, and felt it."

Alexandra Hilmanovich, Juggl’s HR director


Computer Software

Target Hiring Region: Eastern Europe

Company Size: 5K+ people

People Hired: 24


4 years

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