HRIS Play 7/10: Open enrolment: How to prevent common HR challenges
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HRIS Play 7/10: Open enrolment: How to prevent common HR challenges

Open enrolment can be a complex and challenging time for HR teams as they strive to provide clear and comprehensive information to employees while managing various administrative tasks.

In this play, we'll address the most common challenges facing HR teams during the open enrolment process and provide actionable strategies for overcoming them.


  • HR teams are faced with the challenge of helping staff interpret their benefits options while optimising explanations and minimising extra communication time. The HR manager recognises the importance of streamlining the process to ensure a smooth and efficient enrolment experience for employees and need a comprehensive strategy going forward.


1) Keep the Open Enrolment Process as Simple and as Comprehensive for Employees as It Can Be

Remember - each unnecessary step is a time wasted today. And each necessary step not taken is a time wasted in the future.

  • Adopt Self-Service Technologies: Implement user-friendly online platforms that allow employees to explore and select their benefits independently.
  • Centralise the Information: Consolidate all benefit information and resources in a centralised location, such as an intranet portal or HR management system.
  • Communicate with Short, Visual Content through Messages: Utilise short, visually engaging messages to communicate important enrolment details, rather than lengthy emails that may overwhelm employees.
  • Have a synchronised checklist with notifications: you need to put a clear goal and a plan in front of your employees. At all points that should see what steps they need to take and your HR managers need to be automatically notified of the progress (or lack thereof).

2) Align Enrollment with Payroll

  • Streamline Integration: Integrate the open enrolment process with payroll systems to ensure accurate tracking of benefit elections and deductions.

3) Enforce Deadlines and Procedures

  • Set Clear Deadlines: Establish clear deadlines for enrolment submissions and communicate them effectively to employees.
  • Enforce Procedures: Ensure that employees follow established enrolment procedures to prevent errors or delays in processing.

Expected Results

  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction during the open enrolment process.
  • Reduced administrative burden on HR staff through the adoption of self-service technologies and streamlined procedures.
  • Improved communication and understanding of benefit options among employees.
  • Enhanced efficiency and accuracy in benefit enrolment and payroll integration.

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