How to stay relevant in the changing HR industry [5 Must-Have BambooHR Integrations]
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How to stay relevant in the changing HR industry [5 Must-Have BambooHR Integrations]

While top HRIS like BambooHR stands out, it may not address all the inefficiencies experienced in a jungle-like HR landscape. Not in 2024.

What is more, some people assume that if an HRIS isn’t broken, it doesn’t have to be improved.

Is that idea still relevant in the unpredictable 2024?

Today HR has become highly transformative. And I see the driver of HR productivity in wise choice of integrations, cause’ who want to waste all the budget on 80 systems subscriptions.

With a keen eye for HR Tech and years in that business, I narrowed your choice. I shortlisted the most relevant 5 BambooHR integrations. And most importantly, they tackle the top HR leaders’ struggles:

  • how to stay relevant in the changing HR industry;
  • how to put in order all the bunch of HR tools and don’t get nuts (along with employees);
  • how to attract and retain the top minds (finally, man).

Keep reading to explore the solutions.

1) Embrace AI

The challenge

There is not-so-good news. Approx. 40% of global CEOs foresee their companies becoming nonviable in a decade if they continue on their current path (PWC, Global CEO Survey).

In response, leaders are intensifying their focus on AI technologies. What does that mean for HR?

This shift promises to streamline HR operations and enhance employee experiences along with personalized recommendations and advanced analytics.

What tools to consider now?

First, consider HRIS integration with talent intelligence platforms. Why?

With them, recruiters save tons of time on boring tasks like background checks.

Particularly for that case, you can use a solution from the top 6 BambooHR integrations. I’m talking about an AI-powered background check platform Checkr.

What I like in Checkr the most:

  • It accelerates screening processes with fewer resources and HRIS integrations required.
  • Facilitates large-scale hiring.
  • Helps to broaden the candidate pool through enhanced filtering.
  • Generates relevant paperwork and digital I-9 employment eligibility verification along with Bamboo HR data integration.

Some other AI tricks?

Yes, you can also leverage massive data management with AI. For example, BambooHR has pre-built integration with Clio, an AI-powered workplace search.

What to expect from it?

  • Search across all your HR integrations and apps, and find what you need.
  • Enjoy intelligent search capabilities in your employee data, direct answers, summaries, and citations.
  • Get alerts and auto-resolution of errors that occur.

Let’s move on to another HR challenge: talent shortage, and explore optimal BambooHR integrations.

2) Connect with global talent

The challenge

Companies get mad navigating through the recession and following economic recovery: they scale up and down. The funniest thing is that HR leaders still report about talent shortages.

Is that your case? You know that an international talent pool full of remote workers can help you bridge the talent gap.

However, another issue arises: How to pay foreign workers compliantly?

What to do?

Consider global payroll SaaS and EOR (Employer of Record) providers.

For instance, let’s take a look at one of the BambooHR integrations - the Juggl platform for global payroll.

Juggl streamlines payroll admin across multiple countries, ensuring compliant and timely payments. This powerful HRIS integration allows you to:

  • Hire, onboard, and automate payroll across multiple countries.
  • Centralize payroll, tax, and benefits management.
  • Manage work hours, PTO, and overtime on both platforms.

Well, except for the buzz around the global talent pool, there is another hot HR topic.

3) Put in order the chaos of many HR tools

The challenge

It’s a very common situation when you have so many innovative solutions.

“They’re gonna be useful to that and those employees,” you expect. But for employees, it’s impossible to instantly figure out how to use and apply 20 platforms simultaneously.

People try, then they give up…unless they get paid for it.

So what to do?

Connect the workflows and establish a unified source of truth. Here, tools like ServiceNow, Merge, or Zapier can save your back.

For larger enterprises, I’d suggest using ServiceNow. Let’s look at what it gives to you:

  • Orchestrate and automate tasks and processes across the enterprise, including asset management, billing and invoicing, contracts, surveys, emails, and requests.
  • Ease employee learning and adoption without disrupting existing systems.

For SMEs, let’s consider Zapier or Merge. What you can do with them?

  • Sync data between web applications, without extra engineering hands.
  • Perform data import/export and generate basic reports without the need for coding.

One of these methods can help you stay ahead of the curve. Have you already planned to embrace AI, connect with global talent, or organize the chaos of multiple HR integrations?

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